Every participant must abide by the following terms and conditions of fees and refund policy.

Versateach charges $5000 (USD) for the complete process, excluding J-1 Visa Application Fees.

Compare this to our competitors that charges $7500 (USD) and above!

1. Holding Fee = $100

A one time holding fee is required.

This fee shall be applied to the placement fee.

This fee will not be refunded if an applicant voluntarily discontinues.

2. Down Payment = $400

Due upon arrival to the US.

This will be a part of the Versateach placement fee.

3. J-1 Visa Application Fees = about $2,500

This will cover the cost of your J-1 Visa Application.

This fee will be a personal expense of the applicants and will not be reimbursed as part of the Versateach placement fee.

4. Versateach Placement Fee = $4,500 (after Down Payment and Service Fee)

We will work out a payment plan for you.

We charge this fee in an installment plan for 10 months.

This will be charged beginning on your second paycheck received from your job.