Our Mission

Versateach is dedicated to helping Filipino teachers land exciting opportunities in the United States, and offer them a community that they can reach out to for any help that they will need.

We aim to make long lasting relationships with our teachers, Visa Sponsors, and other Versateach affiliates. We are proud to say that we treat the people we work with as family.

What we will do for you...

To our teachers, we guarantee versatility in the types of teaching opportunities we will match you with. From Elementary to High School teachers. From Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Physical Education (PE), Special Education (SPED), Music, and Technology and Livelihood Education! Our team will be with you to support you all the way!

We will also prepare you for your job interviews and let you know what steps to take along the way!

We will work with our Visa Sponsors and school districts to make sure you have all the necessary papers when you land a job offer from them.

Once you accept a job offer from a School District, our onboarding team will help you setup everything you need for your travel and your stay here in the United States. Our onboarding service includes:

Travel Assistance

We will assist you from getting a plane-ticket to airport pick-up when you get here in the United States.

Housing Assistance

We will make sure that you have a nice and affordable place to stay when you get here in the United States.


We will make sure that you have a means to get to work and around town when you get here in the United States.


We will guarantee that you have a strong network of people supporting you for all your needs!

Versateach Team

  • Domingo Napolitano

    Director (Founder)

  • Jesus Belleza

    Services Coordinator

  • Susana Sagisi

    Financial Coordinator


Abigail Magsombol

From Versateach Batch-1, Placed in Alamogordo, New Mexico

"Our journey of living this American dream was challenging but we remained the strongest despite adversities. We were committed to make our dreams happen. It was smooth-sailing at the beginning. Right after our interviews with the school administrators, we were given our job offers. We were in high spirits moving forward with the application process. Then came our "Big Bang." There were dynamics and issues involving the school, former visa sponsor and agency. The last straw of information relayed to us was that hiring will no longer pushed thru. Sleepless nights, draining moments for several months.. in search of answers of what truly transpired, what went wrong? We were devastated. But we kept our faith in solitude and resilience to embrace the uncertainty. Our journey was a series of tiny miracles. It lead us to Versateach and Sagamore Institute, inc. Sir Nap, Sir Sonny, Ma'am Susan and Ms. Martha, they were such a great blessing. Words will never be enough to express our gratitude to them for hanging in there with us. "It is not enough that we stare the stairs, we step up the stairs." 🙂"