Services & Hiring Process

Public School districts in the United States have growing demands to hire qualified teachers of all levels. We assist these school districts in finding the teachers that perfectly fit their current needs.

Versateach connects Filipino teachers to these school districts and facilitates the complete hiring process.

With our network of Visa sponsors, we help our Versateach teachers obtain a J1-Visa to allow them to stay in the United States if they do decide to accept a job offer. Our network is growing fast as we expand our coverage to multiple states!

Our team guarantees to make the process as simple, transparent, and stress-free for you!

Application Process

The following steps outline the complete application process:

1. Initial Credential Review

What you need

The process is easy! Just send us your updated resume at

Resume review

Then, we will review your resume for you. This process usually takes 10 business days.

Mock Interview

We will give you a 30 minute mock interview to see how prepared you are and further get to know you.

2. Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) Orientation

What this is for

We will speak with you about the details of the process and the necessary timelines for the application and hiring process of the school districts that are have job openings.


Our team will go into details about where you will stay in the United States and the necessary paperwork needed.


Our team will also talk with you about the fees and what each of them are for. Our fees are also listed and discussed in our Services & Fees page.

Job Search & J1-Visa

We will also talk about how we search for jobs. Finally, we will also highlight the process and timelines for obtaining a J1-Visa.

3. Agreement Form

Versateach Participant Agreement

We will send you an official agreement form that highlights our fees and explains the terms of our process. Please take time to review our forms. We make them as succinct and transparent as possible.

Who receives an agreement

We send this agreement to qualified teachers that we decide to work with. We want to make sure that we work with candidates that matches our partnering school districts' needs.

Upon agreement

If you choose to work with us, please send the signed agreement with both the holding and service fees (which are listed in our Services & Fees page).

4. Job Search

How we help

We will send you information to teraching opportunities such as which school districts are hiring, where and how to apply, as well as what you need for your application.

Job opening guarantee

Versateach gurantees to find job openings that fit your experience best. We partner with school districts to guarantee you that the jobs we notify you with are available.


After sending your application, the school districts may invite you for an interview. We will help you with whatever you need to arrange this interview and prepared you for it.

Job Offer

The school district will extend a job offer upon passing your interview. Once guaranteed an interview, we will work with getting you a J-1 Visa with one of our purpose!

5. J-1 Visa Application

Visa Sponsors

We will notify our Visa sponsors and arrange the necessary paperwork for your J-1 Visa application.


To read more about J-1 Visas, please see the information at

US Embassy Interview

You will also undergo an interview with a US Embassy as part of the J-1 Visa application.

6. Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)

More details

Please visit for more information about this seminar.

7. Fly to USA

Plane Ticket

We will assist you in getting a plane-ticket. Financial assistance might be offered, but are limited.

Transporation from Airport to Housing

We will also pick you up from the airport to an apartment that we will prepare for you!